One or two of the "Neighborhood" series paintings placed in a child's room soon becomes a forever memory for that young person. Captured in these primary colored paintings are neighborhood homes, dogs, cats and yards where games of Red Rover and Tag were played with friends.

They have also been placed in doctor and dentist offices frequented by children or adults who still love the thoughts of their old neighborhood.

Summer Picnic and all the good local food on the table
Oil on stretched canvas
20" x 30"
Wonderfully crazy bird that is great fun to liven up a space.
mixed medium
4' x 2'
A perfect painting for a doctor or dentist office or elementary school.  Hang on wall in places where children need and want to feel comfortable and happy.
Acrylic Paint on stretched canvas
8" x 48"
Perfect for a young child's room.
Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas
12" x 14"
This is a close-up showing details of Peanut Butter Morning a 12" x 48" painting.
Acrylic Paint on stretched canvas